I’m Daowz, a design thinker and innovation enthusiast with a background in Human-Centered Design and Computer Science. To me, design is about problem solving for a target user group. I have a passion for creating products. Over the years, I became well-versed across UX design disciplines: design research, information architecture, interaction design, visual design and HTML/CSS prototyping. My strengths lie in solving complex problems with simple information design and interactions.

I have experience delivering in Agile and working in 5 cities, 2 countries, and in global (remote) teams.

I came from Thailand and now living in Austin,TX. Aside from being a designer, I’m also a foodie, explorer, swimmer, meditator, yogi, and an archer. I value diversity, learning and personal development. I've became very passionate about the last one recently, so I co-founded www.mindhacker.io

“Life is a bad User Experience. It's unpredictable and chaotic. But it has a good User Interface, it’s beautiful.” - Daowz