Cross-legged Seiza

A harmony between the cross-legged posture and the seiza posture.

The goal of this project was to design a seating element that would make sitting close to the floor comfortable and would be affordable and lightweight. The cross-legged posture puts all your body-weight down your spinal cord, so it is bad for your lower back. The seiza posture distributes weight downward towards the knee, but after sitting for a while it would cause ankle and knee pain. The Cross-legged Seiza combines the advantages of both seating postures. The seating area is elevated to offset your feet, mimicking the seiza position where your thigh is angled downward. Your leg can be placed loosely to avoid cutting off blood circulation. The seat is curved in the middle to mimic sitting on your feet as in the seiza position. This gives comfort for the end of your spine

Target User: Users who has back or knee pain and want to sit close to the floor.

Posture Study

Product Proposal

Prototype (to-scale)

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