A re-usable box initiative aims to covert eBay buyers into eBay sellers through brand engagement.

Rebox is a way to grow eBay’s sales while making a difference to the environment. Every buyer gets a delivery box that either gets trashed, recycled or dumped in the garage. Every seller needs a box to deliver the item. We plan to use this box to as a medium of driving buyers to sell on eBay thus increasing the overall engagement with the platform by tracking and showing the journey of the box.

Target User: Loyal eBay buyers.

Team: Parin Jogani, Pritish Karanjkar

Achievement: Placed 3rd in eBay’s Skunkworks Innovation Hackathon. We were sponsored and a reuable box concept was pilotted in July 2015.

Business Problem

A survey of 315 millenials shows that 92% have bought on eBay and 36% have sold on eBay. (With 1,606,000 U.S. Bachelor degree graduates in 2103. Confident interval: 5.52 percent at 95% level.)

Enviromental Problem

Every year, there are 24.1M tons of cardboard boxes recycled, the majority of which are in excellent condition. These boxes take manpower, energy, and money to recycle. A better solution to recycling is reuse.


With ReBox, we will have 2-fold impact:
1. Convert buyers into sellers and therefore increase our customers engagement with eBay and growing eBay’s sales.
2. Reduce eBay’s impact on the environment.

Key Design Concepts

First, We will distribute these boxes to opted-in merchants, through eBay enterprise warehouses. When buyers receive their ReBoxes, they can see the journey of that particular box. Each box has a unique number. User can download the eBay app to scan and see where this box have been. Upon selling, they can add their story to the box.

The box design:
1. Rebox is a box specially designed to be used more than 4 times.
2. The box will be a tuck-top design to minimize use of tapes. There will also be a seal for users which should be strong enough to hold the box without tapes.

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