A mobile application to help travelers connect and plan "hangouts" with each other or with the city's locals based on their location.

Traveling usually leaves us with a special memory and meeting someone while traveling can create meaningful connections between strangers that can be fun, exciting, and helpful. My objective is to create more opportunities for such connections between travelers and locals who may want to meet with others from out-of-town. This mobile application allows travelers to meet up with other travelers and locals in the city that they are traveling in. These meetings can be short notice and don’t require too much planning ahead. It helps connect those who happen to be around the same area at the same time and have a common goal or want to explore the city together.


Jenn Samson

English-Chinese Translator. Expat from US working in Shanghai

  • 28 years old
  • Single
  • Fluent in English and Chinese
  • Has a Master in Linguistic

She is working in Shanghai for 1 year. On weekends, she likes to travel to different cities in China and South East Asia. Sometimes she travel with her friends from work, and sometimes she travel alone. She is adventurous and loves to explore hole-in-the-wall places. She also like to travel on a budget and taking photos. She is out going and loves to meet new people.

Adrian Sears

Freelance App Developer. Backpacking in Europe

  • 22 years old
  • Single
  • Fluent English, and knows a few French words
  • Has a B.S. in Computer Science

Adrian is a Canadian native who loves coding and working on different projects. He finds coding projects online and works remotely. He has been backpacking alone in Europe for over a year, spending 1-3 months in whichever city he visited. Adrian is independent but sometimes get lonely and occasionally wants to hangout with others. When arriving in a new city, he often ask “Where is a good coffee shop with hi-speed wifi here?”

Michelle Lee

Tour guide, and part-time tutor. Native to Hong Kong

  • 25 years old
  • In a relationship
  • Fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, Conversational English
  • Has a B.A. in Education

Michelle is a fun-loving native to Hong Kong. She loves to show off her hometown and recommends local places to foreigners. She is also very good at bargaining. Her dream is to one day go backpacking in the U.S. She likes meeting foreigners so that she can practice her English.


Concept Exploration and Usability Test

I came up with two different interface concept. To decide which interface concept to move forward with, I conducted 6 usability testing session with a simple click-through low fidelity wireframes. Each concept was tested by three users each. The key findings are below. Concept 2 was more successful. Later, I took concept 2 and refine the interface further.

Concept 1: Users look for hangouts by mood and specific things they want to do.

Concept 2: Users browse by categories.

User Flow

User Experience

Visual Design

Special Features

1. Personalized Recommendations Powered by Watson Personality Analysis

We want the users to have the best experience of a hangout. This means matching them with people that they are more likely to enjoy spending time with. We will show a personalized recommendation in the “For You” category. We will use Watson Personality Analysis to analyze users’ personality based on their Facebook profile. Then, curated hangouts that are hosted by other travelers with similar personality.

2. Only Allowing to Post 24 Hours Ahead

Traveling is important for our user group so this app revolves around being spontaneous. When talking to people at a hostel, we discovered that these travelers don’t plan their trip details that far in advance. In this spirit, we will only allow users to post 24 hours in advance of a hangout. Once a post becomes older than 24 hours, they will be hidden from the feed.

3. Features to Help with Accountability

The problem with similar service such as Meet Up is that people can be flaky. And this creates a bad experience for the host and other travelers. We are solving this by having the following features: 

Report the No-Shows

This feature allows the host to report anyone that sent an RSVP but did not show up. Once that user gets 3 strikes of no-shows, they will be banned.

30 Minutes Confirmation

This feature asks users to confirm a hangout that is coming up in 30 minutes. If they do not confirm, they can be taken off the hangout and the spot will become available.

Not Allowing RSVP with Time Conflict


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